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DelightFire Technology Co., Ltd is an electrical wire wholesale supply and manufacturer based in China. We can produce all kinds of standard electrical wires, and low voltage wires work with small and large MOQs.

Also, we put a strong emphasis on quality. Our knowledge and expertise in the heart of our quality assurance process and promise of excellence to our customers. Our wide range of certifications stands as a testament to our quality and reputation. Those certifications include RoHs, SGS, UL, VDE, and CSA certificates.

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Applications of Electrical Wires










There are many types of wires and cables in our daily lives, such as DC cables, equipment cables, power cables, home improvement wires, etc. Another electrical wire is also very commonly used, but we rarely notice it. The electrical conductivity is mainly based on weak current, which is different from the concept of wire and cable in strong current. Used for internal wiring of some devices, electronic products, circuit boards, etc.

What is electrica wire
UL PVC Wire Varieties

How Are Electrical Wires Manufactured?

DELIGHTFIRE carries a wide range of UL-approved PVC wires. It’s important to note that voltage and temperature ratings may differ, so you should check the specific wire specifications sheet before buying.

Do you want to customize DC power cable?

UL electrical wire is an essential component of commercial buildings worldwide. Some DC cables need to stand up to harsh environments, while others need to get a signal from point A to point B. These different cables can include shielding and flexibility to offer the best possible performance in various applications. However they’re made, you need to use the right one for reliable wiring.

What is UL Electrical Wire

The electronic wire in the electrical wire is used for weak current projects, such as the internal wiring of electronic and electrical equipment. The general name is AWG (American Wire Gauge), and the inner conductor should be divided into 2 types: bare copper and tinned copper, according to standard specifications.

What is UL Electrical Wire

UL electrical wire is the general name of UL-certified electronic wire, which is the electrical wire that meets the environmental protection requirements under the EU ROHS specification. The UL Safety Laboratory is the most authoritative in the United States and the largest private institution engaged in safety experiments and certification in the world. UL electrical wire reaches the certificate of low-smoke halogen-free electronic wire specification: mainly UL American underwriters test.

UL electrical wire often has models: UL1015 electrical wire, UL1007 electrical wire, UL1095 electrical wire, UL1569 electrical wire, UL1571 electrical wire, UL1617/1618 electronic wire, UL1061 electronic wire, UL1430/1431 electronic wire, UL1032/1028 electronic wire, UL3302 Electronic wire, UL3385 electronic wire, UL10368 electronic wire.

UL1007 Electrical Wire

Let’s take the UL1007 electric wire as an example to understand the structure and characteristics of the UL electronic wire:

Type AWG CONSTRUCTION (No./mm) DIA. (mm) THICKNESS (mm) O.D. (mm)
1007 30 7/0.1 0.3 0.41 1.12
1007 28 7/0.127 0.38 0.41 1.2
1007 26 7/0.16 0.48 0.41 1.3
1007 24 11/0.16 0.61 0.41 1.43
1007 22 17/0.16 0.76 0.41 1.58
1007 20 26/0.16 0.94 0.41 1.76
1007 18 41/0.16 1.18 0.41 2
1007 16 16/0.254 1.49 0.41 2.32

UL2468 Electronic Wire

The types of electronic wires circulating in the market are divided into UL standard, CCC standard, and VDE standard. The unit of AWG is generally UL standard, and the square unit is generally CCC standard or VDE standard. The electronic wire manufacturers mainly produce the two standards of CCC and UL in China.

PVC Electric Wire

As a kind of connecting wire, the color of the electric wire is also vibrant. To facilitate the distinction, the color is also very important. The wiring structure inside the car is complicated, and there are often more than a dozen colors of electronic wire on a wire harness.

PVC Electric Wire

The electrical wire conductor is a tinned copper wire or bare copper wire. Bare copper wire is drawn from a bare copper rod and has excellent physical and electrical conductivity.

Bare Copper Wire scrap

Compared with bare copper wire, tinned copper wire requires one more process. After the bare copper wire is drawn, it is tinned by the hot-dip tinning process. The advantage of tinned copper wire is that its corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance are stronger.

There are also have High-Temperature Cross-linked Electrical Wire, Tinned Copper Wire, Bare Copper Wire, etc.

Bare Copper Wire

Insulated Electric Wire Characteristics of Electronic Wire

1 Plastic has high strength: Although plastic is not as hard as metal, it still has relatively high strength and wears resistance compared with glass, ceramics, wood, etc. Plastic can be used to make gears and bearings strong on machines.

2 Plastic has plasticity: The so-called plasticity of plastic is that the solid plastic can be softened by heating, and then the softened plastic is placed in the mold. It is cooled and then solidified into a solid with a certain shape. This property of plastic also has certain defects; that is, it is easy to soften and deform when exposed to heat, and some plastics will be deformed even if they are scalded with high-temperature water, so plastic products are generally not suitable for contact with boiling water.

3 Plastics are elastic: Some plastics, like synthetic fibers, have a certain elasticity. When an external force stretches it, the curled molecules are straightened by flexibility. Still, once the tension is removed, it returns to its curled state, which makes plastics such as polyethylene and polychlorinated elastic Vinyl film products. But some plastics are not flexible.

The Structure Of Electrical Wire

1 The insulation material mainly adopts high-performance heat-resistant PVC insulation material imported from Japan. (There are three categories soft, semi-hard, and hard)

2 The shielding layer is made of tinned soft copper wire with a wire diameter of 0.1mm and above that is rolled or braided horizontally to improve the anti-interference and anti-noise capabilities of the cable.

The Structure Of Electrical Wire

3 The sheath material is mainly made of heat-resistant PVC sheath material imported from Japan.

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DelightFire has been selling electrical wiring for 10+ years, and we’ve been listening to our customers about what they need from their electrical wire supplier. We carry an array of products and can help you find the right one for your project. We can even help with electronic wire processing services, such as cutting to size and preparation, to speed up your installation.

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